I am Amrita Ramrochan Tewari, the founder and owner of TopTeachings (NL) and currently A.R.T. Business Consultancy. A.R.T. stands for my initials, but also for the artistic side of me.

I was born in the Netherlands and currently living in the UK, West Midlands. With over 15 years of practical experience in different fields of business, I gained expertise in many areas of commerce.

Apart from my experience as an entrepreneur for more than five years, I also have advanced skills in Sales and Customer Service. I am a qualified Executive Secretary and Secretary of Board of Members and a Manager with a hands-on mentality. I was the successful owner of TopTeachings, my company that was based in the Netherlands, specialised in Education and Training. I have collaborated with different enterprises on a diverse range of projects.

I have also been involved in the setup of several corporations where I helped develop the business and company structure, including all the graphic material, customers database, marketing, and sales model.

I hold a High School & Adult Education Teachers Degree in Science (Biology) and I specialised in Counselling and Mental Coaching. I am also qualified to teach the European Dutch Language.

Amrita Tewari
Business Advisor and Film Artist
Photo Portfolio
Business Consultancy
A.R.T. Business Consultancy offers a wide range of (customised) services:

  • Entrepreneurial Advice and Development in setting up a business from A to Z, for-profit and non-profit organisations, brainstorming and business concepts
  • Project Management, Diary Management, Event Management, Office Management, People Management, Time Management, Customer Complaint Management and Home Management & Planning
  • PA / Secretarial / Office Support, such as organising and work preparation, taking minutes, Office Management, Diary Management, Receptionist, Customer Service and Administration
  • Teacher Training in work method, didactic, presenting and developing education material
  • European Dutch Language Teacher (currently at the Brasshouse Language Centre in Birmingham, UK).
  • Social Media Marketing and Sales
  • Language Translations and Interpretation (Dutch - English / English-Dutch)
  • Advanced Photo- and Video Editing and Post Production
  • Support in making (PowerPoint / Video) and preparing presentations, speeches

I offer a high-quality service delivered to a high standard, all customized according to your business's needs.
Hire me to support you in developing a more effective way of running your business and helping you achieve your business goals and targets.

Doing business is an adventurous exploration.
Film & Media

(2004 - present,The Netherlands / United Kingdom) - ACTING

(2004 - present, The Netherlands / United Kingdom) - VOICE OVER

(2001 - present, The Netherlands / United Kingdom) - MODELING / CATWALK

(1995 - present, The Netherlands / United Kingdom) - MUSIC PRODUCTION & BAND MANAGEMENT

(2013, The Netherlands / United Kingdom) - FILM / STAGE CREW

(2003 - 2016, The Netherlands / United Kingdom) - RADIO CO-PRESENTING / TV PRESENTING

(1999 - 2010, The Netherlands) - MAGAZINE INTERVIEWS

Amrita holds a certificate of the course 'TV Presenting' offered by TV Academy Pinewood Studios.


(2013 - present, United Kingdom) Live acoustic performances in Motown, Neo Soul, Jazzy Pop / Jazz Fusion, Funky Blues, and Gospel.
(2011 - 2012, The Netherlands) Live performances as lead singer in a band for Asian Devotional Music and Studio Recordings.
(1995, The Netherlands) Gospel Choir, Dir. Stanly Lokhin


  • (2018, United Kingdom) 'Beatles (subject title) - VIP, a family of lead - Dir. Danny Boyle
  • (2017, United Kingdom) Disney's 'Alladin' - Disney - Dir. Guy Ritchie
  • (2017, United Kingdom) Gold - Hockey audience - Excel Entertainment - Dir. Reema Kagti
  • (2017, United Kingdom) Mubarakan - Bridesmaid of character Sweety (Ileana D'Cruz) - Sony Pictures Networks Productions - Dir. Anees Bazmee
  • (2017, United Kingdom) The boy with the top knot - flashback wedding guest - BBC - Dir. Linsey Miller
  • (2016, United Kingdom) Atithi in London - Funeral dancer - Panorama Studios - Dir. Ashwni Dhir
  • (2016, United Kingdom) Fan - Screaming fan (Yash Raj Films) Dir. Maneesh Sharma
  • (2016, United Kingdom) Murdered by my father - Wedding Guest/Dancer (BBC Television) Dir. Bruce Goodison
  • (2015, United Kingdom) ID2 Shadwell Army Mosque Attendee (ID Films) Dir. Joel Novoa
  • (2015, United Kingdom) Phantom - Stunt Scene - Falling Lady in bomb explosion (Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment) Dir. Kabir Khan
  • (2015, United Kingdom) Monochrome - secret worker of the British Crime Agency (Electric Flix) Dir. Thomas Lawes
  • (2015, United Kingdom) Shandaar - Wedding Guest (Phantom Films) Dir. Vikas Bahl
  • (2015, United Kingdom) The Wrong Floor - V.I.P. at Boxing Match (Roasted Films/Hamill Brothers Production) Dir. Marc Hamill
  • (2015, United Kingdom) Shamitabh - BBC London News Reporter/Student (Wunderbar Films) Dir. R. Balki
  • (2014, United Kingdom) Govindudu Andari Vadele - party guest (Parameswara Art Productions) Dir. Krishna Vamsi
  • (2014, United Kingdom) Bhoothnath Returns - Ghost on a swing (B.R. Films) Dir. Nitesh Tiwari



  • (2017, United Kingdom) Worthless Woman - Lead Actress as Jas (Cinema Roll Productions) - Dir. Sadé Williams
  • (2017, United Kingdom) Love vs. Faith - Lead Actress as Priya (Cam Buddha Films) - Dir. Lalit Bhusal
  • (2015, United Kingdom) The elephant in the Room – Lead Actress, Director, Producer, Story Writer, Location Scout, Video & Sound Editor/Mixing, Vocals on Film Track, Art Work
  • (2015, United Kingdom) Fallen Angels - Jazzmyn, the Medium - Dir. Kelly Dyche
  • (2015, United Kingdom) Fate of Reality - Sophia Martica (Chota Captain Productions) - Directed by Ajay Harji and Manoj Anand
  • (2015, United Kingdom) The Followers - Gemma - Dir. Gavin Hyman, Blue Root Productions)
  • (2014, United Kingdom) All I have in the world is my word - Lead Actress / Co-Story Writer, End Video Editor and Picture Arts, Location Scout, Theater Make-Up Artist, Assistant Director, Drama Coach, Camera Operator and Producer (Jedi Jazzmyn Productions) Dir. Manoj Anand
  • (2014, United Kingdom) Cash 4 Curses - Main character as part of a couple, Wife/Mother (The Voice Asia) Dir. Mac Singh
  • (2013, United Kingdom) Aunty G - Main character as Aunty "G" (Comical Telly) Dir. Naveed Mughal


  • (2018, United Kingdom) Dark Money - solicitor
  • (2018, United Kingdom) Peaky Blinders - Detroit Lady - Dir. Steven Knight, Tim Mielants, David Caffrey
  • (2018, United Kingdom) The Rook - Ferry Passenger - Dir. China Moo-Young.,Kari Skogland, Sunu Gonera
  • (2016, United Kingdom) In The Club (Season 2, Episode 1) Airline Hostess (Rollem - In The Club Production Ltd) Dir. Audrey Cooke
  • (2015, United Kingdom) Doctors - Shop Keeper & regular appearance (BBC - writers Stephen McAteer / Philip Ralph)
  • (2015, United Kingdom) Humans - encouraging listener (Kudos Film and Television)
  • (2015, United Kingdom) The Royals - several roles as Catwalk guest, singing pub drinker, and Greeting Committee for Royal Family (Lions Gate Television) Dir. Mark Schwahn
  • (2015, United Kingdom) Corronation Street (Episode 8628/8629) - Street Passerby (Granada Television) Dir. Tony Prescott (29/04/2015 & 1/05/2015)
  • (2015, United Kingdom) Ordinary Lies - Pub Visitor (Red Production Company) Dir. Juliet May (Aired 31/3/2015, Season 1, Episode 3)
  • (2014, United Kingdom) Hollyoaks - a friend of character Patrick Blake (Jeremy Sheffield) in the courtroom (Lime Pictures) Dir. Patrick Harkins (aired on 4/12/2014, Series 1, Episode 4014)
  • (2014, United Kingdom) Emmerdale - Nurse (ITV) Dir. Duncan Foster (air date 25th September 2014 )
  • (2014, United Kingdom) Cucumber (Russell T Davies)
  • (2014, United Kingdom) Cash 4 Curses - Main character as part of a couple, Wife/Mother (The Voice Asia) Dir. Mac Singh
  • (2015, United Kingdom - Russian TV) Londongrad - graduating student at Oxford University (Windcatcher Productions) Dir. Dmitriy Kiselev


  • (2015, United Kingdom) Documentary 'Let's get on Set' - Produced and Directed by Manoj Anand and Amrita Jazzmyn, picture, sound, and art edited by Amrita Jazzmyn, camera by Manoj Anand, Amrita Jazzmyn and Jagdish Shukla, interviews by Amrita Jazzmyn and Manoj Anand (A Jeti Jazzmyn Production)
  • (2014, United Kingdom) Staffordshire Hoard - Vox Pop (Spiral Productions) Dir. Chris Kenny
  • (2004, The Netherlands) Verhalen over Grenzen - Lead / Interviewer / Host / Narrating (Cliëntenbelang Amsterdam) Dir. Najib Taoujni,The Netherlands


  • (2014, United Kingdom) Participant Show of Magician Stephen Seabourne - (Rotunda Films) Dir. Kevin McDonagh
  • (2013, United Kingdom) Interviewee The Sporah Show (Vox Africa)
  • (2012, The Netherlands) Take Me Out (SBS 6)
  • (2011, The Netherlands) Interviewee OHM Nederland (Nederland 2)


  • (2018, United Kingdom) Cineworld - VIP Guests
  • (2017, United Kingdom) Lloyds Bank Commercial (more info to follow)
  • (2015, United Kingdom) Basmati Rice Commercial (more info to follow)
  • (2015, United Kingdom) Santander Bank (more info to follow)
  • (2011, The Netherlands) Lead promotional video for TopTeachings & Educatief Ondernemen (Entrepreneurship in Education)
  • (2009, The Netherlands) Lead promotional video for TopTeachings


  • (2017, United Kingdom) Lead female - Singer Happy Singh 'Kaali Gaddi' - UK Music Records
  • (2017, United Kingdom) Lead Female - Singer Abid Ali 'CHALLA' UK Music Records
  • (2017, United Kingdom) Acoustic singer 'I Can't Make You Love Me' with Stanlley Gadagah - MagicMediaGuru
  • (2016, United Kingdom) Lead Female 'Celebrate' singer Balwnder Safri
  • (2015, United Kingdom) Lead Female of Song 'Aas' - Singer Real Babbu Chander
  • (2015, United Kingdom) Special Appearance - singer Sonu Dholi
  • (2015, United Kingdom) - Guitar Hero Live Video Game - Rock Crowd (Activision) Dir. Giorgio Testi
  • (2014, United Kingdom) Water and a Flame - lead singer (MB3 Official)
  • (2014, United Kingdom) Girlz - lady with message board (GV)
  • (1995 - 2014, The Netherlands / United Kingdom) Studio Recordings and Live Singing, incl. Singing Show Reel

Sitcom, commercial, documentary, voiceovers, sound recording, sound editing, styling, scriptwriting, voice & expression coaching, video editing.
Currently documentary in the making.

* (2017, United Kingdom) Crushed Wings - Management UK - Cam Buddha Films, Dir. Lalit Bhusal
* (2016, United Kingdom) Concrete Love Web Series - 1st Assistant Director / Drama Coach - Dir. Steffan Zachiya, The French Director, Mr. Black Brandson
(2015, United Kingdom) The elephant in the Room – Lead Actress, Director, Producer, Story Writer, Location Scout, Video & Sound Editor/Mixing, Vocals on Film Track, Art Work
* (2014, United Kingdom) All I have in the world is my word - Lead Actress / Co-Story Writer, Location Scout, Theater Make-Up Artist, Assistant Director, Camera Operator and Producer (Jedi Jazzmyn Productions) Dir. Manoj Anand

* (2015, United Kingdom) Killing Emmanuel - Assistant Director / Drama Coach (Rooftop Entertainment) Dir. Steffan Zachiyah Thompson

I have modeling experience for make-up, bridal clothing, lingerie, casual fashion, and catwalk (all for both, Asian and Western styles, catalogs, and online shops). I've had basic training for posing, expression, and body posture to do regular photoshoots for my artistic profile as a singer or as a fashion/make-up model.

​Please see GALLERY for my portfolio.


  • (2014, United Kingdom) Currently recording - please see VOICE OVERS for updates.
  • (2013, The Netherlands) Radio Jingles (Zaan Radio) - Chandni
  • (2004, The Netherlands) Verhalen over Grenzen (Stories Over Borders) - Interviewer / Host (Cliëntenbelang Amsterdam) Dir. Najib Taoujni


  • (2010, The Netherlands) Ondernemers
  • (2003, The Netherlands) Albert Heijn
  • (1999, The Netherlands) Deviant Magazine
  • (1999, The Netherlands) Bolwerk

Please see the playlist with clips here.

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Crushed Wings
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Short Film- Worthless Women
Short Film
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Feature Film
Worthless Woman is a short film drama that aims to raise awareness of the issues of female foeticide and domestic abuse. Currently there are a very limited amount of films raising awareness on the issue of female foeticide and we would like to change this.
Worthless Woman
Short Film by Mannisha MahalAward, two Grammy Awards, and the Mercury Prize
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